Our Aircraft

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a 5 passenger jet especially built for small airfields, yet able to reach those small destinations with jet speeds at higher altitudes, only accessible by Jet aircraft. Get above the weather for the smoothest ride. This makes it the perfect choice for corporate high fliers flying around New Zealand.
Our Mustang offers good comfort for a small jet. It can carry 5 passengers, or 4 if you prefer the two-pilot option. The luggage space is vast with both a front and a rear locker; even skis or golf clubs can be accommodated. We fly above the weather so even though small our jet punches above its comfort and weight. We can organise light snacks to your choice for flights, and we have a range of cool drinks on board too. Private flying is about discretion and using specially appointed agents we can assure the best of privacy at each destination. We look forward to welcoming you aboard our Citation Mustang which was built in 2007. From new this aircraft has always been flown under our pilotage – it has never been used on Medivac work. It has a range of 1,260 nautical miles (2,330 kilometers), a maximum speed of 340 knots (630 kilometers per hour), and a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet. We are keen to show you what a neat little aeroplane it is….!

We aim to get you where you need to be safely, in comfort & to your timetable